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Hey there

We are Ruben and Hannah Hanssen the people behind Hanssen Handyman. It all started when we decided to renovate our first home by ourselves. 


No Job Too Small

The primary reason to choose us for all of your home maintenance, repair and small renovation projects is that we are an owner operated business. We will treat your home with the utmost respect and treat your home as our own. You can trust that we will get the job done in a timely manner and 

When we bought our first home we decided that we where going to take on the renovation ourselves. Throughout the process we found that we have a knack for home renovation, maintenance and design. We have always helped friends and family with projects big and small around the house. We enjoy working with homeowners and help them either realize their home goals or solving and issue. 

Ruben graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington with a degree in Marketing and Management. Prior to taking his degree he worked a variety of different job everything from military dog handler to bike mechanic. Ruben loves to learn and is always seeking to expand his knowledge. 

We are Ruben and Hannah Hanssen. Over the years, we found we have a little knack for home projects, renovations and design. We also enjoy seeing small business outfits serving their local communities through exceptional customer care. With those things in mind, we found ourselves establishing Hanssen Handyman.

There is truly no job that is too small. We handle a wide variety of fix-its, clean-ups and upgrades, and we are here to provide a quality product in all of these jobs with our quick response time and consistent customer service.


Hanssen Handyman is dedicated to treat your home as our own as we work with you. You can trust us in handling your next project.

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