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Bathroom and shower


Whether your bathroom is in need of some new paint and tiling, or perhaps you need to install a new toilet or vanity, we are at your service. Your bathroom should be a relaxing place where you get ready in the morning and prep for bed at night. Let us help make it that space where you want to start and end your day.

Caulking, Toilet Install & Wax Ring Replacement

It is recommended that you should re-caulk your bathroom every 5 years even though the caulk looks spotless. Keeping the caulk up to date will help prevent moisture from building up behind the walls in your bathroom and creating mold.  

Does your toilet have an obvious crack in it? Is it in constant need of repair? Replacing your toilet can be a simple way to freshen up your bathroom.

We can also help you replace your toilet wax ring. If you are noticing water seeping out around your toilet it might be a sign that your wax ring needs to be replaced. The wax ring can last up to 30 years, but it can dry up and crack over time which can cause leaks.

Drywall Repair & Painting

We know that your bathroom can take a beating. Accidents and leaks happen, leading to damaged drywall. Perhaps you had a couple failed personal installations while hanging shelves or pictures, leaving unwanted holes in the wall. Whatever the story, we will patch and replace your drywall to ensure it matches what is existing.

We can finish off the replaced drywall job with a fresh coat of paint. Go a step further, and we can help you bring new life to your bathroom with an entirely new painting job.


Tile Installation & Replacement

Tiles are perfect for your bathroom. They are easy to clean and sturdy over time. They are the perfect option for both the floors and walls in your bathroom. Hanssen Handyman can help you install new tiles or replace any tiles that might be broken.  


Vanity & Mirror Installation or Replacement

Is it time to replace your vanity or mirror? You pick out your new vanity, and we will be there to help you install it. You can rest assured it will be installed securely and correctly. We will also help you remove the old vanity and ensure that the new one is perfectly integrated into your bathroom. 

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