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Bedroom Interior



Your bedroom should be a comfortable and relaxing place for you to retreat at the end of the day. Whether you want an upgrade, a small repair or add additional storage, we can help you. 

Bed Frame Assembly

If you want to increase the floor space in your kid's bedroom, adding a bunk bed can be a perfect alternative. We will assemble the bed, and ensure that it is safely secured. All can rest assured your kids are safe and sound. We are not just limited to the challenging bunk bed assembly, we can also assemble any other type of bed frame that you aren't feeling too comfortable putting together yourself.


Drywall Repair & Finishing

We all know too well that accidents do happen. We can repair any drywall blemishes you might have from that recent accident, anything from small cracks to big whopping holes. Repairing and refinishing drywall is a quick and easy way to improve the look and feel of your bedrooms. We can finish the fix off with a fresh coat of paint that matches your existing color as well.


Custom Shelving, Bookcases & Storage

Adding shelving can help increase your storage and create a focal point of interest and character in any room. Whether you have bought a new set of shelves, worked unsuccessfully on your own to assemble a bookcase or need to have some custom-made storage solutions designed and installed, we can help.

Hanssen Handyman can also take a look at your existing storage solutions in your closets and come up with some custom solutions to maximize your storage space. Let us work to re-organize and re-utilize the space you already have.


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