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Ceiling Fan



We are ready to help you with any installation or upgrades that you need. You can be sure that we provide the highest quality of installation. Don't see your need on the list below? Do not hesitate to reach out with your specific request, it is very likely we've accommodated something similar before.


Whether you are wanting to replace an existing ceiling mounted light fixture with a fan or just want to change out an old fan with a new one, let us help you with the install. A new fan is a great way to improve your air circulation as well as give your rooms a simple refresh.


Garbage Disposals

Your garbage disposal should last about 12 years and will need to be replaced at some point. We will take care of every step, from removing the old disposal to assisting in making a selection for the replacement model. We will ensure the new disposal is installed in a quick turnaround time, so you can get your kitchen back up and running again.


Wall Mounted TVs

Hanging your TV on the wall can free up a lot of floorspace. It also provides more design flexibility in your living and gathering spaces. Let us help make the proper wall mount selection, as we know that can be a trickier task than you'd think. We will oversee the install of the mount to ensure it is installed according to specifications, so you can rest assured that your TV is secure in its new location.


Shower & Bathroom Rails

Safety is important, especially in spaces that can get slippery. We can review your bathroom arrangement and find the optimal locations for safety rails to be installed in your showers and within your bathroom spaces. Let us help keep you comfortable in these spaces you use everyday.


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