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Kitchen and backsplash



Whether your kitchen is in need of some TLC or it's time for a small upgrade, Hanssen Handyman is equipped to assist you. We will help you get the job done correctly and in a timely manner so that you can get back to enjoying your kitchen. 

Backsplash Repair & Installation

A backsplash can be a simple way to update the aesthetic and look of your kitchen. It can also help protect your walls from inadvertent splattering and splashing that can happen while cooking. A tile backsplash makes the clean-up much easier.

Whether you want glass mosaics, ceramic tiles, traditional subway tiles or wallpaper, we can help make the best selection for your space. We can also repair any damages or cracks that may have shown up over the years in your existing backsplash.

Cabinet Repair & Installation

Are your cabinets and cabinet doors not hanging as straight as they once did? Would you like to add soft-closing hinges?

New cabinets or paint can bring new life to your kitchen. We are here to help make your kitchen look and feel new again. 

Flooring Repair & Installation

Your kitchen gets a lot of foot traffic and takes a lot of abuse. Tile flooring is a great option for your kitchen. Tiles are easy to clean, they are water-resistant, and they can withstand the impact of the occasionally dropped utensil.


We can help you install new tiles or recommend another traffic-resistant option for your kitchen.

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